Wm Guaranteed Admission Agreement

NOVA has a Guaranteed Admission Agreement (GAA) program that is available to all of our students who graduate from NOVA and meet the contractual requirements of the college or university. The program gives you the opportunity to save thousands of tuition fees. It is recommended that you meet with a transfer advisor at your NOVA campus to guide you through the process. Students from VCCS institutions are guaranteed to be admitted to W&M as applicants under this GAA if they meet all of the following requirements: The VCCS transcript is reviewed course by course, and specific credit is given for courses identified as equivalent to those of W&M in the Course Equivalents document on the W&M Admissions website (www.wm.edu/admission/transfer). provided that the student has obtained a grade of “C” (2.0) or higher. If necessary to reach the junior position, additional election points will be awarded. William & Mary recognizes that certain circumstances prohibit certain students from falling under the requirements of the articulation agreement. Students at Richard Bland College must complete the standard application process for transfer students. Learn more about the Bridge Agreement. The College of William and Mary welcomes applications from students from Richard Bland College. For Richard Bland students, there are several ways to guarantee admission to the W-M, including guaranteed admission, promised scientists, and the bridging program.

As a NOVA graduate, you will be admitted to more than 40 colleges and universities if you meet the requirements of the contract between NOVA and that university. Save thousands of NOVA tuition fees. Let`s help them take the right path to a successful career! Guaranteed admission agreements guarantee you access to more than 40 colleges and universities in Virginia if you meet the requirements of the contract. Just take the necessary courses, take the notes, complete the transfer process – and you`re there! The VCCS transcript is subject to course review and for courses on the “Race Equivalents” document on the W-M admission page (www.wm.edu/admission/transfer), special credit will be granted as equivalent to that of W-M, provided that the student receives a grade “C” (2.0) or higher. If necessary, additional voting rights points are awarded in order to obtain a junior position. VCCS equivalency courses that meet these requirements are listed in the “Race Equivalents” document on the admission page www.wm.edu/admission/transfer in the “COLL” column of the college program. Students are subject to the requirements in effect at the time of submission of the letter of intent. .