Visa Credit Card Agreement Disclosure

FOREIGN TRANSACTIONS: Purchases, cash advances and foreign currency credits are billed to my account in U.S. dollars. The conversion to U.S. dollars is carried out in accordance with visa use rules for international transactions. You understand and accept that a 1% fee for international transactions is added to the amount of the purchase, cash advance or credit, whether or not the international transaction requires a currency conversion. In the event that an international transaction is converted to U.S. dollars, the exchange rate between the transaction currency and the billing currency used to settle international transactions is a rate chosen by Visa in the area of bonds imposed on wholesale markets for the applicable centralized processing date, i.e. the exchange rate that visa receives itself or the rate prescribed by the government. which applies to the applicable central treatment date. The exchange rate may differ from the day of booking or the date of booking the account. If a credit on the account does not fully offset a charge on the account due to changes in the game, I am responsible for the difference.

LATE PAYMENTS If we do not receive your minimum payment until the due date indicated on your statement, you may have to pay a late fee of up to $25.00 per billing cycle until your credit card balance is currently paid. To report a lost or stolen card, call 800.325.3678. CONVENIENCE CHECKS We can send you convenience controls that can be used to receive cash or pay for goods or services up to the amount of your available credit limit, unless this amount causes you to exceed your credit limit. Convenience controls are subject to your credit limit, are processed into CASH ADVANCES and collect FINANCE CHARGES from the date the cheque is entered into your account. Comfort tests can only be used by the person whose name is printed on them. You are not allowed to use Convenience Controls to pay an amount you owe us under this agreement or another. We don`t give you the paid convenience checks.