Usda Soil Compliance Agreement

The importation of soil into personal baggage is only permitted if it has been authorized by a PPQ 525 authorization for the reception of the soil. Coordinating the collection and delivery of samples on regulated and foreign national soils is essential. Customers should contact Merit Laboratories prior to sampling and shipping to ensure general compliance with USDA APHIS PPQ federal guidelines. There are specific requirements that must be taken when shipping regulated and foreign domestic soil to Merit Laboratories: Merit is one of the country`s leading environmental control laboratories that analyzes soil, wastewater, groundwater, drinking water and other sample matrixes in our east Lansing, Michigan laboratory to obtain a variety of analytical parameters, including PFAS. Please contact Merit Laboratories for support during your environmental testing. All shipments containing untreated soil from continental restricted areas must meet the following requirements: Black and White Shipping Labels (PPQ Form 550) are provided by PPQ Pest Permit Services. Other labels can be requested by email to The Ministry of Food and Agriculture has set deadlines for processing applications for authorisation, in accordance with paragraphs 15374 to 15378 of the Government Code. Failure to meet these deadlines may be invoked in accordance with the provisions of Title 3, California Code of Regulations, Section 301, to the Director of Food and Agriculture, 1220 N Street, P.O. Box 942871, Sacramento, CA 94271-0001.

In certain circumstances, the director may order that the registrant receive a refund of deposit taxes. Sol must be delivered with a copy of the compliance agreement Merit Laboratories maintains a USDA soil import authorization for compliance with federal rules. As part of the USDA soil import program, Michael Goergen leads The Compliance Efforts of Merit Laboratories for the Reception of Unsterilized Foreign and Domestic Soils. Mr. Goergen entered into a compliance agreement with the USDA under 7CFR Part 330 and 7CFR 301. Domestic Regulated Soil is designated by the USDA for areas within the continental United States that are quarantined for various plant pests or diseases when the soil may harbor these pests or diseases. The Domestic Regulated Soil map is regularly updated and published by the USDA. It should be noted that the soil of Guam, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands is treated as foreign land. This authorization does not exempt the holder from compliance with the state`s inner quarantine or district regulations. USDA APHIS PPQ must be immediately notified at 734.942.9005 of non-compliant ground transport, such as.B.: The approval and control program develops all rules managed by Plant Health and Pest Prevention Services and develops relevant regulatory documents, such as instructions, justifications, orders and certificates of compliance.

The program also grants state approvals for pests and quarantine raw materials, as authorized by the administrative provisions and the Food and Agriculture Code.