Uk France Double Taxation Agreement Pensions

This issue will concern those who receive a state pension in the United Kingdom – teachers, police officers, some civil servants and others I may not be familiar with. Like me, a retired professor, you pay UK income tax on your British state pension. When I moved here and became a resident, I was responsible for the Ncome iFrançais tax from fiscal year 2012. I visited the tax office of Confolens, who showed me how to fill out the appropriate forms. For the 2012 and 2013 fiscal years, my wife (she does not have a public pension in the UK) and I were taxed as a household – income tax was paid on both our pension-paid UK states and my wife`s small private pension. The teachers` pension, imposed in the United Kingdom, was not subject to income tax. It is mandatory and my teacher`s pension is taxed at source, so I have no choice but to pay income tax in the UK. I have also filled out all the necessary forms for double taxation in order to be protected against the payment of the Ifranais-Ncome tax on my teacher`s pension. Last year, I had an evil shock when I was presented with a much larger bill for 2014.

I was told that the method of calculating my income tax had been changed. Then I was told that this calculation should have been applied since 2012. I received another huge bill for income tax for 2012 and 2013, plus penalties of several hundred euros for late payments! Even though I had previous returns for much less income tax. I now also have an income tax bill for 2015 at a higher level. I visited the Confolens IRS and the Ministry of Finance in Saint-Claud. They say I will be able to pay back the tax every month. It appears that the French tax authorities have defrauded the rules of the double taxation convention by calling it a new calculation. The contract clearly states that anyone in this situation cannot pay double tax and that that person`s situation should not be worse. Basicly, I pay twice as much tax as they say.

I would like to hear from everyone else in this difficult situation. I intend to know who to turn to for this violation of the rules. Even the IRS originally gave me the false information – it was their mistake, but I am charged a penalty as if I were trying to commit fraud! I have serious financial problems with that. Every advice would be appreciated, especially if someone tried to go further. Thank you. Here too, the transfer base applies to this income or if it is tax-exempt under a double taxation agreement. Specific pensions that do not apply to tax credits include universal credits. The double taxation agreement between the United Kingdom and France follows the above model. Since Marie is established in the United Kingdom under the meaning of the agreement, the French pension is taxable only in the United Kingdom and should appear on the foreign pages of a UK self-assessment statement (after conversion to sterling POUNDS). In addition, it may be possible to apply the tax on the French pension via PAYE on the uk operating annuity. “Persons who are nationals of one State Party may not be subject, in the other State Party, to an imposition or obligation other than the taxation or taxation and requirements to which the nationals of that Other State are subject or may be subject in the same circumstances, including with regard to their place of residence.” In addition to income tax, most pensions are socially infested.