Sample Data Sharing Agreement Uk

The RGPD provides for joint treatment managers to enter into an agreement clearly stating their respective responsibilities for compliance with the RGPD, including the rights of those affected. While there is no mention of a written agreement between the co-leaders, it is worth reaching an agreement, as it helps to meet the essential requirements for transparency and accountability. You need to think carefully about where this applies, as it may not be obvious that you have data on a processor as a controller. For example, storing certain personal data on a cloud storage service would likely fit this definition, since personal data is processed by an external third party (processor) (stored on servers), even if that company does not have direct interaction with the data. which processes personal data on behalf of the EZTicket processing manager is a data processor that processes personal data on behalf of the charity. In other cases, the terms of use of the data processor may include or refer to a contract covering the necessary clauses, especially in the case of online web services that you could use. There is no standardized approach and different terminology is often used. In both cases, the person in charge of the processing remains responsible for proof of compliance with data protection legislation (principle of liability). Any declaration of confidentiality should allow the individuals concerned to know who is the common person responsible for the treatment and who is responsible for what.

For example, when a combined service is provided, individuals need to know which organization they are applying to for access requests. which, alone or in conjunction with others, determines the purposes and means of processing personal data In other cases where the recipient of the data is another person in charge of processing and not a common person to process, it is up to residents to share the data to determine what is necessary to comply with the provisions of the RGPD and protect the privacy of individuals. It may be helpful to have an understanding or agreement with the receiver controller, even if there is no general requirement for a written contract (such as data sharing with the controller processor). Even if data has been obtained for related and legitimate purposes, the sharing activity itself must be consistent with the principles and provisions of data protection legislation. It is not necessary to have a data exchange agreement in all situations. B, for example, if the release is already strictly defined or if it is a limited one-off opportunity. If a processing manager shares personal data with another organization, there are three relationships that could exist: companies share all kinds of data for all sorts of reasons. However, if this data is personal data, special attention must be given. In some cases, a processing manager shares the data with another manager (unlike deleging the processing to a data editor). The person in charge of the processing should only use subcontractors capable of providing sufficient safeguards to take appropriate technical and organisational measures for the implementation of the RGPD and the guarantee of the rights of the persons concerned. The use of this service means that the personal data of people who register (probably names, email addresses and other requested personal data) is processed by EZTicket and that the information is stored on their servers.

The service processes all payments from records and sends emails to confirm booking and updates.